The Davey Family

The Davey Family has been sponsored thanks to a generous donor. Please select another family that could use your help this Christmas.

The Davey’s take care of their birth child as well as two young foster children. The parents have been the foster parents to 11 children.  Carley was sent back to the family only recently along with her brother. It was important to the Davey’s to keep the siblings together. Despite the hectic schedule they now have, they are determined to make this work for the sake of the foster children. The parents would like to make this an exciting holiday season for the children.

Palmer, 7, male:
Leapster explorer/software, Star War figures/accessories, Remote control car, Level 2-3 books

Carly, 4, female:
Dress Up Items, Age appropriate books, Leapster explorer/software, GoGo My Walking Pup, Baby Dolls(caucasian)

Unwrapped, new gifts (in original packaging) should be received at the station by Dec 21st at 5:30 pm.
STAR 100.7
651 Holiday Dr. Foster Plaza 5
Pittsburgh PA 15220

To make a cash donation, please visit The Children’s Institute website:

To help this child or to sponsor the entire family, please leave a note below or call 412-920-9400 ext 1151 so this family can be removed from the listing.

Thank you for your generous support of the Project STAR Gift Drive.


One Comment

  1. melissa bemis says:

    I would like to sponsor this family with some of the remaining items listed.

  2. Bonnie Jacquel says:

    I would like to sponser the Davey family

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