Jon & Kate Plus Hate

jon and kate gosselin Jon & Kate Plus Hate

Earlier today, Jon Gosselin’s attorney announced that Jon is seeking primary custody of their 8 kids because Kate is an “absentee mom.”  But that’s just the beginning.

In beween horrible scores on “Dancing With The Stars,” Kate got her lawyer to work.  He prepared a statement that her rep, Mark Momijan, released to the press.

The statement read, “We haven’t received any formal filing yet but I can’t imagine anything farther from the truth. Kate is a devoted mother. Her concern for the welfare of her kids is so prominent that any allegations like this report are reckless and so far from the mark, it’s offensive.”

This is unbelievable and would make great TV.  Hey TLC!!!!  Does anyone else think that Jon better be hoping that everyone has a short memory of all the stuff he did after their show was canceled?  (Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery)


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