Not All Parents Want T.I. To Talk To Their Kids

t i Not All Parents Want T.I. To Talk To Their Kids

T.I. still has hundreds of hours of community service left, and he’s required to spend that time teaching kids about the consequences of their actions.  But not all parents want a convicted felon talking to their kids.

Tom Myers, who lives in a suburb of Atlanta, is TICKED because his daughter’s middle school recently had T.I. as a special guest at an anti-bullying assembly WITHOUT clearing it with parents first.

Myers says he didn’t find out that [lastfm]T.I.[/lastfm] was going to be there until after the fact, and so he fired off a few emails to the school’s principal, Dr. Terry Oatts.

He says, quote, “The first e-mail I sent to him was to ask that from now on we have some kind of parental input whether or not a speaker is appropriate.  If I don’t want my child to be there, just give me the right to opt them out.”

He says he also wrote, quote, “How about next time, let him mow the grass or pick up the trash around the school grounds?  If the kids see that they might understand that what he did was wrong.”

The principal sent him an email back saying, quote, “I thought about asking a guy who snorted cocaine and got arrested for DUI when he was 30 to come and speak to our kids, but President George W. Bush was not available.” 

The principal’s point was that anyone and everyone makes mistakes, and he also explained that T.I.’s message was to tell kids, quote, “to take their education seriously, put forth their best effort, pursue their dreams and not engage in bullying.”

Myers admits that he’s cool with that message, but he still not a fan of T.I.’s appearance.  He says, quote, “T.I.’s an actor and he can sit down and act with the best of them.  He’s an entertainer.  That’s what he does.”

I think the kids were probably excited to have T.I. come speak for them, and they probably paid more attention to him than anyone else they could have had come talk about consequences of their actions.  Thoughts?  (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)


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