The Earth Day Green Artist Countdown: #4 – Lady Antebellum

lady post The Earth Day Green Artist Countdown: #4 – Lady Antebellum

Coming in at Number 4 on’s Green Artist Countdown are country phenoms [lastfm]Lady Antebellum[/lastfm]. Fresh off their 5 wins at the Academy of Country Music Awards, including song and single record of the year for Need You Now, the band is back on tour with [lastfm]Tim McGraw[/lastfm]. On tour, Lady Antebellum are continuing their previous partnership with Brita and Filter for Good by keeping their tour bus bottled water free and encouraging fans to do the same.

[pullquote quote=”It’s important for all of us to do our part to support each other.” credit=”Charles, Lady Antebellum”]

The band has been at it for over a year now, as can be seen from their oh-so-kitchy Webisode Wednesday Youtube episode after the break. In it they announce their participation with Filter for Good as well as Earth Hour. For those with short attention spans, Earth Hour encourages people across the globe to turn off their lights in unison for an hour each year in support of energy conservation.

Check out an interview with [lastfm]Lady Antebellum[/lastfm], listen to [lastfm]Lady Antebellum[/lastfm] Radio, and get their tips on filtering for good after the break.



Head over to and take the FilterForGood pledge to reduce bottled water waste and purchase a BPA-free FilterForGood reusable bottle to show your support. Avoiding disposable plastic bottles is a simple change that can have a great impact if everyone gets involved.

• We found out that we are H2O pros by taking the “Do you know your H2O?” on FilterForGood’s Facebook page. Be sure to fan FilterForGood and publish your quiz results on your wall (we did!) and share with friends to encourage others to get involved.

• One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that all water is inter-connected, so whether you live in-land or on the beach, it’s important to make sure that everyone picks up litter they see lying around so it doesn’t contaminate our water supply. You can download the Clean Up Our World’s Water guide from the Surfrider Foundation for a guide to organize a beach, lake, river or street cleanup in your area. Thanks to FilterForGood, our tour is bottled water-free so we can help the environment while on the road performing our music. Take it from us—small changes can make a big difference in people’s lives and the environment.

The Earth Day Green Artist countdown continues tomorrow. We’re counting down the 10 greenest artists of the year, and capping it off with a live audio stream of the Earthday Birthday concert in Atlanta on Sunday, April 25th; featuring [lastfm]Ben Harper and Relentless 7[/lastfm].

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