kelly clarkson1 Top American Idol Contestants Of All Time has put the list together based on their post-Idol success.

They ranked 24, but we’re only going as far as the top 10.  They factored in album sales, digital sales, and radio plays, plus more, we weren’t let in on.  Here’s their list:

1 – [lastfm]Kelly Clarkson[/lastfm] – Season 1 Winner
2 – [lastfm]Carrie Underwood[/lastfm] – Season 4  Winner
3 – Chris [lastfm]Daughtry[/lastfm] – Season 5 – 4th Place
4 – [lastfm]Jordin Sparks [/lastfm]- Season 6 Winner
5 – [lastfm]David Cook[/lastfm] – Season 7 Winner
6 – [lastfm]Clay Aiken[/lastfm] – Season 2 Runner Up
7 – [lastfm]Kellie Pickler[/lastfm] – Season 5 – 6th Place
8 – [lastfm]David Archuleta[/lastfm] – Season 7 Runner Up
9 – [lastfm]Fantasia Barrino[/lastfm] – Season 3 Winner
10 – [lastfm]Ruben Studdard[/lastfm] – Season 2 Winner

If you’re wondering, let’s go to 12:

11 – [lastfm]Kris Allen [/lastfm]- Season 8 Winner
12 – [lastfm]Adam Lambert[/lastfm] – Season 8 Runner Up

[lastfm]Jennifer Hudson [/lastfm]came in at #13, Season 5 Winner [lastfm]Taylor Hicks [/lastfm]came in at #19, and that’s just 2 ahead of [lastfm]William Hung [/lastfm]who placed at #21, and he never made it through the auditions.  (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

  1. Ange Bleu says:

    If Taylor Hicks slammers had the brain power the good Lord gave a chicken, they would know it’s no longer fashionable to psychologically degrade and make fun of him. It’s soooo three years ago. Also, if these same charming folks weren’t caught up in some sort of time warp and thrown back into October 2009, they would know that Kris Allen’s debut album isn’t selling well.

    Allen at #11, while Adam Lambert is #12 and Taylor #19. Unbelievable!!! Adam has sold twice as many debut albums as Kris and Taylor’s debut album sold more in one week, 298,000, than Kris’s album sold in four months.

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