jasoncastro Do Jason Castros dreads smell???
Last week on the show,  Shelley made a comment that Dreadlocks “whiffed”….smelled…is it true?
Bubba had to ask Jason Castro to find out….
Click more to hear it:

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  1. chris guess says:

    That you for asking about his music. I have his deluxe album and love it. Waiting for someone in pittsburgh to play something from it. He has release a second single “that’s what i’m here for” which i love. There is also a duet on the album with Serena Ryder “you can always come home” which is great. By the way someone needs to start playing her music as well–I hear her all the time on XM The Pulse. Play some new music PLEASE

  2. Dean Stanton says:

    starpittsburgh.radio.com’s done it again. Incredible writing.

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