chris brown Chris Brown...Banned From The UK

He was forced to cancel his European tour, because the UK is keeping him out!

British authorities released this statement, “We reserve the right to refuse entry to the U.K. to anyone guilty of a serious criminal offence. Public safety is one of our primary concerns.  Each application to enter the U.K. is considered on its individual merits.”

And that “serious offense” would of course be the [lastfm]Rihanna[/lastfm] incident.

[lastfm]Chris Brown[/lastfm] went to Twitter to annouce to his fans, “SORRY to all the fans in Europe!!! My tour is cancelled. I’m pretty sure y’all know. My entry was denied in your country. I love you.  SORRY!!”

That tweet was then deleted and his publicist said the issue was with his work visa.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

  1. JohninPa says:

    Chris u should b in JAIL my friends used to buy ur music but guess what ??? NOT ANYMORE !!! SUX 2 B U !!!

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