Say It Ain’t So!!

sandra bullock Say It Aint So!!

The National Enquirer has been pretty accurate lately (and was even considered for a Pulitzer Prize!! Gasp!!) but could this really be true?  According to the tabloid, Sandra Bullock is thinking about reconciling with estranged husband Jesse James.  Sources told the tabloid that Sandra has experienced a “dramatic change of heart” after the joy she’s experienced from spending time in New Orleans with her newly adopted baby, Louis.  Sandra and Jesse started the process of adopting the baby together, but then she announced she’s finalizing the papers as a single mom after things went south with her marriage.  The insider claims Sandra is “stalling on the divorce”  and adds, “I think she’s forgiven Jesse”..Sandra’s rep says though the divorce is on schedule…

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)


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  1. DENA KUHN says:

    As much as I hate cheaters, I also understand how you can love someone so much you can forgive them almost anything. At least he didn’t have 121 different partners like Tiger. Hopefully, he learned very valuable lesson about trust and love and keeping vows. I hope if she takes him back they can heal their relationship and be happy.

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