bristol palin and levi johnston Briston Palin And Levi Johnston...On Again?

Apparently Bristol Palin has been keeping secrets from mom, Sarah.  Palin and ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston are not only back together, they’re engaged again!  Seems the two reconciled three months ago while they were  talking about custody arrangements for their son and they got engaged two weeks ago.  Mom found out like everyone else..When she read US Weekly!!  So what does Sarah think?   The family issued a statement that basically said, hey Bristol is 19 and while, we want the best for our kids, she is old enough  to make her own decisions for her and her son.  Their first engagement ended a few months after their son was born, after which Levi posed in Playgirl and then said some unflattering things about the Palin family. 

 (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


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