Marry, Shag, Shank

We started something called:
Marry, Shag, Shank

We give you three people…you need to decided which one you would marry, which one you would shag and which one you would shank!

Play along with us, click more then leave your list in the comments!!!

OK….here we go….
Please comment on them below.


For the Ladies:

Snoop Dog. Flava Flav, Brett Michaels

Situation, Pauley D, Ronnie

Mel Gibson, Big Ben, Tiger Woods

Sydney Crosby, Troy Polamalu, Neil Walker

For the Guys:

Cher,  Sinead O’Conner,  Cyndy Lauper (2010 edition)

Megan Fox,  Beyonce,  Eva Mendes

Snooki, JWow,  Angelina

Sally Wiggin,  Wendy Bell,  Michell Wright


One Comment

  1. Anthony says:

    Ok, I love the game, but leave the wtae gals alone. I love them all.

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