Discover Artist Of The Week: Keane

lastfm keane 385x240 Discover Artist Of The Week: Keane

[lastfm]Keane[/lastfm]’s latest release, the EP Night Train, was released in May of this year. The songs, recorded all over the world, are culled primarily from scraps, leftovers, and unfinished songs. Special guests include [lastfm]K’Naan[/lastfm] on two tracks and [lastfm]Tigarah[/lastfm] covering Yellow Magic Orchestra.

The band stopped by Discover to perform exclusive, live-in-studio versions of “Stop For A Minute,” “Clear Skies,” and “My Shadow” from Night Train. By request, they made us happy and went back to their debut album Hopes And Fears to do a stunning version of “Bend And Break.” Be sure to listen to their interview, too, which details the making of this eclectic EP and stories behind some of the songs. Discover gladly welcomed Tom Chaplin, Tim Rice-Oxley, Richard Hughes and Jesse Quin of [lastfm]Keane[/lastfm] to our studio following the release of the Night Train EP. Instead of the traditional ways of recording, Keane used studios in Berlin, Brisbane, Copenhagen, London, Los Angeles, Paris and Washington, DC during the Perfect Symmetry world tour.[pullquote quote=”We’re not very good at having a sort of a formula and sticking to it, but I think that’s a good thing.” credit=”Tim Rice-Oxley”]

This release is built around the [lastfm]K’Naan[/lastfm] collaborations. The band’s original idea was to get [lastfm]Kanye West [/lastfm]for “Looking Back” and get that “West Coast vibe” to it, laid back, funky and soulful. Once they put together “Stop For A Minute,” they decided to go with [lastfm]K’Naan[/lastfm] who they were fans of. They soon discovered that he in fact, was a fan of [lastfm]Keane[/lastfm] as well.

Keane just wrapped up a small tour of the U.S., which included a spectacular show on a beautiful night in Brooklyn, NY on the waterfront. Tom Chaplin teased that they’ll be back soon. Their live show is one of the best you’ll ever see. Read more about Discover:

[lastfm]Keane[/lastfm] on the song “Stop for a Minute”

“Stop For A Minute”

[lastfm]Keane[/lastfm] on the song “Clear Skies”

“Clear Skies”

[lastfm]Keane[/lastfm] on the song “My Shadow”

“My Shadow”

[lastfm]Keane[/lastfm] on the song “Bend and Break”

“Bend and Break”

[lastfm]Keane[/lastfm] on the song “Looking Back”

[lastfm]Keane[/lastfm] on the song “Back in Time”

[lastfm]Keane[/lastfm] tells us about the [lastfm]Yellow Magic Orchestr[/lastfm]a cover “Ishin Denshin (You’ve Got To Help Yourself)”

What different places was the Night Train EP recorded?

Were any songs from the EP played live before being released?

What keeps Keane here today?

Why an EP?

See more sessions like this on Discover!


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