vampires You May Not Like Vampires But Hollywood Does

Ok.  Maybe YOU’RE not into the vampire/werewolf scene that’s been rampant lately, but it looks like it could be here to stay!  Vampires have boosted the entertainment inudstry’s bottom line immensely, bringing in around $7 Billion!!!!  Yeah, that’s billion with a “B”!!!  Films brought in $3 billion, $1.6 billion from publishing, $600 million in merchandising, another $1.2 billion in TV/DVDs and anotehr $600 million from up and coming vampire themed projects.  That’s a lot of blood sucking going on!!!!!

(Photo by Patrik Stollarz/Getty Images)

  1. Lindea says:

    I like vampires, but not this new vegan-vampire trend.

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