Britney Spears Accused Of Sexual Harassment

britney spears Britney Spears Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Some shocking charges are being brought against [lastfm]Britney Spears[/lastfm].  Her former bodyguard, Fernando Flores had been threatening to sue her for sexual harassment and he’s following through with it.  First, he says she made “repeated and unwanted sexual advances” by exposing herself in front of him at her house.  He claims on one occasion, Britney was wearing a white lace, see through dress.  She reporteldy came close to him, dropped her cigarette lighter next to him, bent over and revealed everything!!!!  He says he was shocked and disgusted..He also says she repeatedly engaged in sexual activity in front of him. 

Wait….Isn’t this EVERY guy’s fantasy??? There’s something wrong with this picture…

On a more serious note though.  He’s also claiming she abused her kids.  He says in one incident, she asked him for his belt, then proceeded to beat her son Preston with it.  He says she also forced both boys to eat crabmeat, even though they suffer from fish allergies, until they threw up and then wouldn’t let anyone call for help.  According to TMZ though, Flores contacted the local Department of Children and Family Services who investigated and concluded taht the claim had no merit..

That could kill his credibility…..

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)


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