access Star Access Can Get You Up Front And Back Stage At Nickelback

Want access to exclusive VIP experiences?  Maybe get a ticket upgrade or even a chance to go backstage?  Then you need a Star Access Pass.  Visit Star 100.7 at the following times and locations – pick up a pass plus register to win tickets to Nickelback at Consol Energy Center this Friday, September 17.

Thursday, September 16 from 5pm to 6pm
Rohrich Toyota on West Liberty Avenue

Thursday, September 16 from 9pm to 10pm
The Carson City Saloon with Coors Light

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rohrich toyota 100x50 Star Access Can Get You Up Front And Back Stage At Nickelbackcoors light100x50 Star Access Can Get You Up Front And Back Stage At Nickelback

Comments (16)
  1. Pamela says:

    Hi ! I had to work late yesterday and didn’t get out till almost 7:00 so I missed the Rohrich Toyota on West Liberty: Thursday, July 8 from 5p-6p event to get a pass. Are there any more passes left ? My husband & I have tickets we were just hoping for 2 passes 🙂 Please let me know .Thank you

  2. Ashley says:

    is there any possible way to get jonas brothers passes? i am a HUGE fan! although my family doesn’t have the money to pay for backstage passes or anything like that. i only have lawn tickets that i got on sale… its hard with my dad having a muscle disease, he walks with a cane. my big brother has an in grown hair on his back and will need surgery soon…both my brother and sister are in college and they are having a hard time getting everything payed off…i have asthma, my mom has a bad knee. please do me this one favor to let me do something that i really want to do…and i swear this is the truth! if you want me to prove i will.
    i have over 300 posters of the jonas brothers hanging in my room (wall&ceiling!), my sis and i decorated our parents car for a contest in 2008 and got n HUGE trouble w/our dad,i have all jonas dvds&cds, 85% of my school supplies are JONAS, i know every song on every cd or tv show/movie, i have 5 pieces of jonas jewlery, plus i could tell a lot about them!

    i’m asking for this one favor for backstage passes/meet&greets please dont let me down!

  3. Ashley says:

    p.s. just about EVERY wealthy girl (that are fans of jonas) gets to meet the jonas brothers EVERY year and go to multiple shows of theirs. i’m NOT that wealthy girl please help me out!

  4. callie says:

    hi!! is there a way that i could get justin bieber passes??? im a HUGE HUGE HUGE FAN and would LUV 2 go backstage and see him. i may not have the best seats but im still very happy i get to go. so if you can help me out that would be VERY nice!!!! 🙂 ❤ Thank you!!!!

  5. Stacey Ruvo says:

    I would really like to get 2 passes for my daughter and myself . I belong to the fan club to get early tickets but def could not afford to get the tickets with meet & greet. Last year we were 19 rows from the stage and she didn’t get to shake Joe’s hand but she was grateful to be there she was sick for 6 months and had a leukemia scare. She is five and her room looks like she has jonas brothers wall paper. This year has been better she has a weak immune system but much stronger we have pavillion seats but she would love to meet them especially joe. Her goal last year was to get well to attend the concert and she loved it. Thanks so much.

  6. tom says:

    Im a da and Im taking my daughter and her 3 friends to the Jonas Brothers concert and its my daughters 14 birthday so it would be awesome if the spotters picked her. STAR 100.7 is the only station I listen to. the morning show is the best with Bubba

  7. kayla says:

    me and my friends are going to the concert wednasday and we are sooo excited. we also have passes and i hope they pich us and it is also my 14 birthday and if they picked us that woulld be the best birthday prisent if they picked us

  8. Lori says:

    I am taking my 5 yr old daughter and her cousins to there first concert on Wednesday (jonas brothers) and would love to get back stage. They would love it Please pick us

  9. Amanda Berry says:

    Do you guys have any upcoming time and events we can go to for passes?? I’m desparate to have one for the backstreet boys concert!

  10. christine albanese says:


  11. christine albanese says:


  12. zoe says:

    can you get a star acess pass for the lady gaga concert?

  13. Velvet says:

    Hi, coming to Pittsburgh from Erie for the concert on Friday, would love a couple of pass to Nickelback Thank you

  14. eric lawson says:

    looking for an upgrade to nickelback concert

  15. Velvet says:

    Hi, coming to Pittsburgh from Erie for the Nickelback concert tomorrow, was wondering if you have any backstage passes for the meet and greet available? Can’t wait to see the band, hope I don’t get lost on the way down.

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