jackie evancho 2010081109005111 Jackie Evancho Has The Most Potential On Americas Got Talent

It was the final night of competition for the four contestants left on America’s Got Talent.

First to perform last night was Michael Grimm.  In case you missed him, listen here:

And he was definitely a hit last night:

Next up was Prince Poppycock…Probably not a smart move to sing opera though:

And Piers was not impressed at all:

And then, it was the “voice of angel” singing her last performance:

And the feeling about Pittsburgh’s own Jackie Evancho was unanimous:

And finally, Fighting Gravity performed, but it was lacking too:

(Audio courtesy of Launch Radio Networks)

Comments (2)
  1. Frank B says:

    Jackie shined bright last night. She truly is the voice of an angel, BUT remember Barbara Padilla from last year. Opera won’t win it, Jackie will be famous forever, BUT Michael Grimm walks away with the prize tonight.

  2. janet peek says:

    Jackie Evancho shined as bright last night as she has from her first performance. She knows what direction her life is going at the age of 10 and she is doing it in an outstandiing way. America does have an angel amoung us. Gd Bless and keep singing and smiling. last night performance hands down!!!!

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