michaelgrimm101 Michael Grimm Wins Americas Got Talent

Pittsburgher’s were no doubt shocked to hear the results on the season finale of America’s Got Talent last night…The four remaining contestants were Jackie Evancho from the North Hills, Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock and Fighting Gravity.  Each performed with someone they truly admire.  Prince Poppycock sang with Donna Summer:

Michael Grimm sang with Donna Summer:

Fighting Gravity did a routine with Lionel Ritchie that was pretty incredible…It was on the CEILING!!!!   Then, Pittsburgh’s own Jackie Evancho sang with her “hero” Sarah Brightman:

And the eliminations began…Prince Poppycock was the first to go.  (Figured he’d be third or second to go, not first!) During the show, Judge Piers Morgan said no matter what the outcome of the night was, Prince Poppycock will do well:

 Then Fighting Gravity was next:

It was then down to Michael Grimm and our own Jackie Evancho…In the end:

But Jackie handled it with all the grace and class she had throughout the competition:

(Audio courtesy of Launch Radio Networks and Delicious Audio)

  1. ROBERT E. LEE says:

    9-20-2010 – Jackie was by far the best talent ever – better than any performer(s) on AGT or BGT! I doubted that the winner would be decided on the basis talent, but on the basis of Vegas money & promotion…and I was right! Jackie does not belong in Vegas anyway! If Jackie had performed in Great Britain, she would be having an audience with the Queen! I hope she can remain the sweetheart that she is as she ascends to more “stardom”! I love her! Remarkable talent, and little girl!

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