rem These Songs Make Men Cry

What songs are the most likely to make men cry? (Men cry???)   A new  U.K. survey found the Top 10 tracks that make guys cry the most with [lastfm]R.E.M.[/lastfm]’s hit 192 hit, “Everybody Hurts,” leading the way.  According to, former R.E.M. drummer Bill Berry, who wrote a good portion of the song, has said in the past that its direct lyrics were “aimed at teenagers”.  Ok guys…Here’s the rest of the list.  Are you crying yet??

1.  Everybody Hurts–R.E.M.

2.  Tears in Heaven–Eric Clapton

3.  Hallelujah–Leonard Cohen

4.  Nothing Compares 2 U–Sinead O’Connor

5.  With or Without You–U2

6.  The Drugs Don’t Work–The Verve

7.  Candle in the Wind–Elton John

8.  Streets of Philadelphia–Bruce Springsteen

9.  Unchained Melody–Todd Duncan

10.  Angels–Robbie Williams

The survey was conducted by PRS for Music, an organization that collects and pays royalties to songwriting and composing members in the U. K..

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Comments (2)
  1. jenn petree says:

    I have to agree with “Hallelujah”, but none of the other songs have made me ever cry, even being a girl and all. 😉 Just a thought though, isn’t a song supposed to make us feel something? And a song may be beautiful, but in all reality, aren’t all songs a soundtrack of our lives. Always reminding of the”old days”, memories of even yesterday, any one moment of our lives? And a song can bring all those feelings connected to those times back, good or bad. Just my opinion and all.

  2. eurybe08 says:

    Great wonder if my hubby will cry too.

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