An Open Relationship For Ashton And Demi

 ashton kutcher and demi moore An Open Relationship For Ashton And Demi

At least that’s what Ashton Kutcher is CLAIMING!!  Seems his little “fling”, Brittney Jones told Star magazine that Ashton told her, he and Demi Moore have an “open relationship”.  (Isn’t this the OLDEST line in the book??)  Jones claims Kutcher told her he and Demi have threesomes often.  Jones also says she didn’t feel like he’d just cheated on his wife, it felt “normal and ok”…..(Of course it did!!)  She also claims Ashton told her that he and Demi often share women but he can’t go off and have sex with them by himself.  Demi has to be there and she likes to pick them out….

Seriously.   I’ve led a very sheltered life if ANY of this is true….Ashton, you probably need to be a little more creative when you’re cheating on your wife…


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  1. strawberrylimonade says:

    You would be correct. You have led a very sheltered life.

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