No On Field Penalty, BIG Off Field Penalty

james harrison white house dog attack1 No On Field Penalty, BIG Off Field Penalty

NFL players are on attack from the league on hits to the head and helmet to helmet contact. Steeler James Harrison found out first hand on Tuesday when the NFL fined the linebacker $75 thousand for a hit on a Cleveland Browns receiver. Lots of cash considering there was NO penalty called on the play.



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  1. BrianB says:

    If a player “deliberately” aims to injury another player, sure consider a fine. Harrison was doing what every other tackler does. dives at player to tackle them. A player catching a ball in the air, sure no helmet to helmet hits (they define that as defenseless). When a player is running with the ball, he is more or less fair game. Players cannot “spear” other players (diving into a downed player)

  2. Liz says:

    This is such BS. They were legal hits so how are you gonna fine the man 75K!!! The NFL soon to be NFFL National Flag Football leauge!!


    How can you fine someone 75,000 with out a penalty on field, if anything the ref.(s) who were responsible for throwing flags should be fired or fined. You can’t tell someone good game than go home to a whopping 75 thousand fine. Seems like the other team complained… It’s not his fault that the ref(s) were to blind to see and call the actual penatly, now if the hit was uncalled for, some sorta fine could be established and agreed upon by both the player and the NFL….. Also if you can’t play a “FULL” Contact sport than take the millions you are paid and leave and let the real atheletes play.

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