Justin Timberlake’s Latest Drama

justin Justin Timberlakes Latest Drama

What is he being accused of and what did he say while performing recently?

Justin Timberlake recently performed for his Shriners benefit and he inferred in the performance to the crowd that he knows he has been acting, but that he is about to come back harder and stronger as a singer.  SOON!  I’m ready!  Also, he is denying more rumors that he cheated on his girlfriend Jessica Biel with TV actress Olivia Munn in September.  Olivia’s reps are also denying it.  Hmmm?

By: Carlos Alvarez
Getty Images

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  1. Kim says:

    I think he is being honest. He never cheated on Cameron and don’t see why he would start now. Jessica is beautiful and they seem very content together. I think it is just another one of those tabloid rumors because they can’t find any dirt so they are trying to make some. As far as the music is concerned. That would be great!

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