Star Morning Show Gets Attacked By Ghosts!

harmonyinn Star Morning Show Gets Attacked By Ghosts!

Shelley and Bubba took a group of listeners to the Harmony Inn in Harmony Pa.  A place that is crazy haunted. Many paranormal investigators have gone through the house and as Chris the owner said, none have walked out without have some kind of experience.
That held true for us and our listeners.
Tables moving,  people getting chased, people getting touched, voices being heard.
One of the coolest things is when we come back in the morning and listen back to the audio.  We hear so much more then we hear when we are there. There was a TON of ghostly voices that we found.  Below are some of the better ones. 

Thanks to Shamrock Limousine for providing us with amazing transportation for everyone.

Here is one of the times when a table lifted up and floated and dropped. Listen carefully to the “growling” at the begining. We did NOT hear this in the room.

Here is the voice of a ghost saying “No” when asked a question. Once again, we DID NOT hear this when we were in the room.
The first audio is the raw audio, the second audio is with the volume turned up on the ghost.

This is audio when a ghost says “I didn’t” . First one normal, second one increased volume.

Here is a ghost saying “You can’t, No one can”. First one normal, second one increased volume.


One Comment

  1. Hey Bubba–sounds like everyone had a blast. Did you see the lady in white? Thanks for sharing!

    Suzanne (the reader)

  2. Hey Bubba,

    Sounds like you all had a great time! Did you see the lady in white? Happy Halloween!

    Suzanne (the reader)

  3. Pam Nobbs-Gilbert says:

    Next year you need to go to The Riverside Inn located in Cambridge Springs, PA. I reminds you the hotel from the Shining and is really creepy. I’ve been told it’s really haunted.

  4. Debbie Eckman says:

    Sounds like you all had a very interesting night. Great Ghost hunting.

  5. Colleen Peirce says:

    There is soooo many strange things that go on here in a normal day it is unbelievable!!! Also, I have seen the lady in white, she does exist!!

  6. Colleen Peirce says:

    There are so many strange things that go on here all the time. and yes there is a lady in white, I have seen her!

  7. Candace says:

    I think it’s great you guys went there. This is our local spot that we go out to all the time. I never go upstairs though. No way!!

  8. angel says:

    hey. great audios. i am trurely fasicated. i love opportunities like that. absolutely love it. Gettysburg is a good place to go to. i havent been there in 4 years and theres a resteraunt that you can also sleep at that they say is really haunted and you get paranormal activity there. they also do tours.

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