Is Jennifer Aniston Going To Bare All

jennifer aniston Is Jennifer Aniston Going To Bare All

The rumor hasn’t been killed yet! 

Jennifer Aniston still might strip down for Judd Apatow’s trippy-hippie movie, Wanderlust.  Aniston’s co-star Malin Akerman told E! Online,  “I’m not going to botch that rumor.”  Akerman teased, “There’s a very big maybe.  One of the cast members is  a nudist–I am not the nudist!”  Akerman says that Aniston’s character will be tripping on more than just marijuana in the movie though.  She explained, “It’s actually more ayahuasca tripping….that crazy peyote-like drug.  So there might be a little crazy sequence in there, yeah.”


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  1. DENA KUHN says:

    I don’t know. She looks great in clothes, but does the world really need to see a 40 something naked? I’m a 50 something and even if I had the greatest 50 something body on the face of the planet, I wouldn’t bare all.

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