Unbelievable Elimination On Dancing With The Stars

brandy and maks Unbelievable Elimination On Dancing With The Stars

Ok.  I’m out.  Don’t think I’m watching again!!!

It was this contestant’s turn to get great scores and be eliminated last night:

Needless to say, she was stunned:


And so were the judges!

Then her partner Maks was asked about dancers with high scores getting eliminated:

Seriously, it’s now down to Bristol Palin, Kyle Massey and Jennifer Grey competing for the disco ball.  Brandy gone?  Really?

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

(Audio courtesy of Launch Radio Networks)


One Comment

  1. hurley says:

    Will jennifer and derek get voted out by the tea party. I can’t believe the quality of dance performed by brandy and maks, a great performance was over shadow by politic by the public. When will the TV stations only allow professional judges do the voting, palin doesn’t have, will never dance at the level of brandy.

  2. K Warren says:

    I am “sick” of Maks not taking that mirror ball. You know why? coz hes not in the elite 2, Derek and Mark. Yup hes out spoken, gets up in the judges face when remarks on the routine isn’t to their liking.. He works his butt off with his partner and this is the thanks… you know what…. I’m done too. This is a fixed show, just like Idol.. they(Judges) have their favorites and I don’t have to watch to know that Jen Grey is gonna win. Remember her pain and crying act, I can’t do this crap. BS.. Shes wants to win. Sympathy.. what if she had been paired with Maks.. would she still be there? Maybe but I am betting not! This show is carefully orchestrated on paring and ratings. Shame on you guys.

  3. DIANA says:

    I don’t even know where to start. I’m just shocked about the results of “DWTS.” I have alot of emotions going right now, but to put it plain and simple it’s bull crap. This is supposed to be
    a show to see who can dance the best and it turned into”Dancing With The Politicans.” I know it’s not going to change the fate of the world by watching this show ,but people watch the show for entertainment. But when they see Bristol moving on week by week , really good dancers get sent home and when Bristol is in the bottom 6 times you start to wonder. I know the point to the show is to vote for your favorite dancer, but when the other dancers are busting there “ASS” to advance and thinking they’re doing really well, and find out it’s not paying off because Bristol is not dancing as well and still moving on week by week. I know my cofidence would be shot. I just hope the people who were voting for Brandy start voting for Jennifer and Kyle.

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