jen grey1 Who Should Win DWTS?

Will the Dirty Dancing star win DWTS?  Who do you think should?

Take the poll and be honest.  Don’t vote on who you LIKE, vote who you think is the best dancer and should win.  The executive producers of the show say that the voting is NOT fixed and Briston Palin is there for a reason…everyone is voting for her.  So, is she the best dancer?  Maybe not..but, she is well liked.  Are these reality type voting shoes becoming more of a popularity contest?

By: Alberto E. Rodriguez
Comments (2)
  1. DENA KUHN says:

    JENNIFER SHOULD NOT WIN! This is supposed to be a contest for stars who aren’t known to be dancers. Hello, Joel Grey’s daughter? She came out of the womb dancing for gosh sakes!

  2. jOAN says:


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