ipad 10 Great Gifts For Techies

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What do you get the most “techy” person for Christmas?  Easy!

Okay..I cannot take credit for this amazing list.  I’ve been searching the internet, much like you maybe, for the great gift for someone who has it all technology wise.  That person is my hubby!  I’m not a Black Friday shopper.  That has a lot to do with the fact that I will freak out in crowds of pushing maniacs and I value sleep too much.  Seriously?  Some stores open at 3am!

Okay, at www.comcast.net I found the Top 10 mega great ideas for your crazy tech person.  See if they have ANY of these already and if not, good luck getting them.

Let’s count them down, backwards from 10!

10.  High end headphones.  I actually am digging this one as a radio DJ.  BEATS headphones that [lastfm link_type=””]Dr. Dre [/lastfm]make and have [lastfm link_type=””]Justin Bieber’s [/lastfm]name on them sell for 120 bucks.  I won’t get them though.  Still cool.

9.  Camcorders. You gotta capture some video Christmas morning right?  Or capture some Uncle drunk on egg nog?  The Flip Ultra HD and Mino HD are going to be big sellers according to the chief gadget officer at Gazelle, Anthony Scarsella who contributed to this article I read.

8.  Kindle 3G. Amazon ran out of these in July, but don’t worry you can order them there now for 189 bucks.  It is the best product for you e-readers.

7.  Internet TV. Yea?  What does that mean right?  Apple TV, Google TV and the new Roku boxes you add onto to your home TV.  For 60 bucks a Roku box will stream Netflix movies to your home and TV.  Crazy huh?

6.  iPhone 4 & Android phones.  My hubby is all over this one if he is reading this now.  He must go through (no lie) 6 NEW phones a year.  He can’t keep up.  There is always something new coming out right?  Apple is planning on releasing the iPhone to Verizon customers…rumors it may January..believe..sad I know this, but I have to hear it over and over and over at dinner.

5.  TV’s. I get this one.  If you don’t have a flat screen or HDTV yet, you may be in the market finally to get one.  LCD, Plasma and LED TV’s prices always drop on Black Friday.  We got one last year for a really good price.  Um..it was NOT me standing in some crazy line though..nope..that was my crazy man.  Usually they encourage you to buy before the end of the year or before the Superbowl because March is when the new models all roll out.  See..you can’t keep up!

4.  Video games. I get this one too.  Especially if you have kids!  Wii games and the Wii are great buys, but now PS Move and Kinect (due out Nov. 4ht) are trying to compete with the Wii.  Um and if you are a gamer or know a gamer you know games like Black Ops have sold 340 million copies and climbing in like a second.  Okay a minute.  Okay 24 hours.

3.  iPod touch!  So many kids have this and adults too.  But, if you don’t it makes a very good gift.  It is now in its 4th generation and you may want to buy one finally if you haven’t yet.

2.  Samsung Galaxy Tab.  Yep..hubby already saw one of my neighbors and played with it and became so excited it scared me.  I do this with shoes, so I guess I understand.  It will be the first android tablet and will be launched before Christmas.  The reason my neighbors already have it..is because they work for the company and get to see all the cool things first!  No release date has been set.  It is in Europe already, so they are hoping before Christmas.  This rivals the iPad.

And..ready for it..number one!

1.  iPad.  You knew this right?  If you are a true tech lover you may have one.  We do.  Yep.  I never touch it.  My oldest kid loves it too.  These are NOT cheap.  Some saved money and gift cards got my hubby his.  It is expected to be the biggest holiday gift this year! A newer one may come out in the second quarter of 2011, but why wait?  That isn’t guaranteed.  Retailers are not expected to run out of them, but if there are great Black Friday deals, I see that happening .  You can find iPads in most major stores now too.  iPad has already surpassed DVD players as the 4th best selling consumer electronic product of all time.  I read that.  That is crazy!  Hey..I know people that still have VHS recorders!!

Happy Black Friday Electronic Shopping!  Let me know what you are going to get or shop for on this list!


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