dancing with stars sign2 The Controversy Continues On Dancing With The Stars

WHAT will happen on Dancing With The Stars tonight? Well, it’s anyone’s guess at this point!  Jennifer Grey got perfect scores for her two dances in last nights final performance show, but could possibly lose to Bristol Palin, whose advancement in the competition to the finals despite low scores had led to criticism and complaints that political partisans are boosting Bristol’s vote in support of her mother, Sarah Palin.  Last night, Bristol did a good job:

But she still had the lowest score of the night with 52 out of 60.  Kyle Massey looked great and was so much fun to watch:

And while she SHOULD be the winner tonight, you never know!

Jennifer Grey got perfect scores for her two dances last night…Kyle came in second with 56 out of 60 points.

By the way, the controversy of this season continues.  Apparently, Bristol and her partner, Mark Ballas are receiving death threats!!!!!  Seriously!!! This is an entertainment based show…It’s a dancing competition!  If that’s the most important thing you have to do in your day, that’s a shame…

(Audio courtesy of Launch Radio Networks)


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