A New Dancing With The Stars Winner And It’s Not Bristol Palin

jennifer grey at dancing with the stars premiere best movies ever1 A New Dancing With The Stars Winner And Its Not Bristol Palin

After all the controversy, it turns out Bristol Palin isn’t the best dancer on Dancing With The Stars!

But earlier in the day, she wasn’t even sure she could compete.  She ruptured a disc and had to go to the hospital:

And while Bristol didn’t win, she did think she might’ve had a shot:

And Tom Bergeron gave her a compliment after being eliminated:

Kyle came in second:

Bottom line, Bristol’s mom couldn’t even save her.  But she does seem like a nice girl….

(Audio courtesy of Launch Radio Networks)


One Comment

  1. eleanor raynovich says:

    well i knew jen would win shes a pro her dad is joel grey she was terrific in dirty dancing my favorite movie bristle i like her so sweet and down to earth she improved a lot since she first started the haters adults i think? their comments unbelievable death threats they got adults? what has happen to our soceity ? so sad

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