My 5 Year Old’s Santa List

ds My 5 Year Olds Santa List

What is in the mind of a five year old this Holiday? Is it computerized DS games and Wii games driven by TV Marketing? Hmmm…Is my list like your childs?

Well, luckily Quinn my five year old isn’t asking for an Ipod or Ipad or laptop or cell phone.  It seems nowadays our children have the media grab their attention with all the great new gadgets that they can have and use.  What happened to wanting a baby doll that wets its pants?  I guess my oldest feels her younger sister does that LIVE and in PERSON enough.  HA!

 We surely don’t think Santa can make ALL these gifts with the elves help.  One good thing about our family tradition is Quinn is well aware that some children won’t have ANY gifts under the tree.  We make sure she knows about the season of giving.  She donates gently used toys about every 4-6 months to a local St. Vincent De Paul store in my hometown of Monessen, Pa.  So, she gives year round, just not on Christmas.  If the toy cannot be used by her little sister in some capacity, it goes to a needy child. is the MAIN gifts on Santa’s list this year.  Tell me if you have the same requests.

1. Sing a Ma Jigs…weirdly shaped small little stuffed animal toys that have a very round mouth that sing when you talk.  Cute, but freaky.  I can’t stop playing with it.  UGH!

2.  Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez’s CD’s.  This makes my heart melt.  Mommy works in radio, so she does love music and wants CD’s. 

3.  The big gift is a Wii tablet drawer.  Have you seen this?  If you have Wii already, they make a game component where the kid can draw on a pad and it shows up on your TV.  My little one is constantly drawing on anything she can get her hands on.

4.  Whack A Mole game.  This is pretty simple.  Board games.  I miss them.  All the fancy DS games and Wii games and “techy” stuff.  Let’s just WHACK a mole on a cardboard game.  Old school. That’s what I’m talking about.

5.  Zoobles and Squinkies.  Yes..try saying those two things fast.  They are small little animals.  Plastic toys that are similar to weeble people or tiny tiny play toys that you can collect or put into Zooble homes.  This is simply a craze.  Remember Zhu Zhu pets last year and the year before?  Unreal.  Usually she doesn’t go with the craze, but this year these are pretty popular.

6.  She does have a DS game.  So, she asked for Gardening Mama and Crafting Mama.  She already has Cooking Mama.  It is addicting.  I watch my 5 year old fry burgers and make pasta.  Is this educational?  Hmmm?  It is teaching her to learn words and how to cook and quite frankly if she wants to fry burger for REAL in my house with supervision..I’ll let her.  I’m not big on cooking!  HA!

So, these are the main big ones.  Any of you have the same little kid asking for any of these?

Next time I will talk about Christmas traditions!

By: Astrid Stawiarz
Getty Images Entertainment

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