tom The Polar Express Train Ride

Do you love the Christmas book and movie The Polar Express? We took the REAL life Polar Express train ride in Ohio.  Have you heard about it?  It is amazing!

A Christmas favorite for a lot of children and even adults…The Polar Express movie plays in my household from November sometimes into January.  The movie is amazingly done with Tom Hanks playing almost every single character.  The big meaning in the movie is to BELIEVE in Santa Claus!  We all still do right?  Well, friends told me about the real life train ride they do at various Ohio locations that mimic the movie.  You can even wear your pajamas!  They take you on a ride (an hour up and about an hour back) to the North Pole!  Let me tell you..I never knew The North Pole could look SO darn good in Ohio!  You get your golden ticket and even hot chocolate and a cookie like in the movie.  The elves sing songs on the train and keep the kids active the WHOLE trip with a pajama parade!  Now, when Santa Claus comes onto the train..WATCH gets insanely fun.  But, seeing the smile and joy and the scream coming from my 5 year old when we saw the North Pole was priceless.  You NEVER get off the train, which is perfect!

This was an early Christmas present gift from my folks to us!  Here are a few pictures of that night.  Memories made forever.

girls santa The Polar Express Train Ride

quinn golden ticket The Polar Express Train Ride

Do you think you’d be interested in doing this?  Try it out.  I do believe all Ohio locations are sold out this season already.  You have to get tickets pretty early!

Research it here!

By: Kevin Winter
Getty Images
  1. Ginny says:

    Great job! The railroad should give you a cut on their proceeds!!! I sure hope it made memories. That was the purpose…better than another toy!

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