christmaslogo Star Morning Show Christmas Countdown (Bubba Edition)

Every day we ,The Star Morning Show, plan on giving you a feel for what Christmas and the Holiday season meant to us.  Now I (Bubba) am Jewish, so never grew up with Christmas, but always LOVED the holiday and here is why.

You see I grew up in Greenfield and loved it. In fact my parents still live there. But growing up in Greenfield, there were not a lot of Jewish kids.  So I had two different groups of friends.  My Jewish friends from my Synagogue and my non- Jewish friends that I went to school with, played baseball with etc.

I think it was always cool…because it was so diverse.  I think diversity is essential to people’s lives!  But…I digress….this is supposed to be about Christmas.

So being a Jewish Kid in a predominantly non-Jewish area, my parents really went out of their way to make sure that we did not feel excluded.  They understood that it could be tough on us (oh yeah…I have one brother named Dan). 

I remember my parents getting all dressed up to go to my dad’s Christmas party every year. I always knew it was a “dress up” night for them because my Dad always wore his long, “fancy” coat.

On Christmas Eve my mom would go to a store in Squirrel Hill and buy what she used to call “Odds and Ends” which I never understood why she called it that, but all it really was, was cheese and crackers, and stuff like that.

My parents really made a big deal of it.  My dad would get home from work on Christmas Eve….we would all get our comfy clothes on….put on the TV….sit in the living room….eat some really cool fun foods for dinner IN THE LIVING ROOM…which was the cool part, play board games or cards and just hang out.

Doesn’t seem like much….but you know something….I would trade one day today….to live one of those nights again just one more time.

Then came Christmas day.  You see…as a Jewish Family that really are a bunch of workaholics (me included) the only day that EVERY ONE had off was Christmas. So…we celebrated our Hanukkah on Christmas Day every year!

We would all go to my Bubbie (Grandmother in Yiddish) and Aunt Sharon’s house late afternoon Christmas day.  My Dad has two brothers and one sister.  Plus there were 8 cousins… we had a house full.

My Uncle Mike telling us 1 new joke every year and about 100 old ones.  My dad laughing at him even when they weren’t funny.  My Aunt Sharon (who by the way is an absolute SAINT) making sure everything was done and organized and just being her, which is great!  My Bubbie making sure that the food was good to go, but mostly she would just sit back as the Matriarch of the family, and smile as she looked at her family together enjoying the holiday’s but mosty just enjoying each other.

Then we all got presents….and that ROCKED!!

So, you see….that is what it was like for me….MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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