It’s Regifting Day

present Its Regifting Day

Are you one of the lucky people who ALWAYS gets the bad gift in the company or family gift exchange?

We’ve all re-gifted right?  Well, maybe you don’t want to admit it but if you are a re-gifter, here are some basic rules to follow this holiday season:

1.  Never regift a present you’ve already used.  That’s just wrong…

2.  Inspect before you wrap.  Look for things like fingerprints on a bottle of wine, old sell-by dates on food, or missing warranty cards for appliances or electronics. 

3.  Rewrap the present in a decorative gift bag or a plain white box with tissue paper.  If your regift has a few items, use a cellophane-wrapped basket, tied with colorful ribbon.

4.  do not go back to the store you know it’s from and try to get a bag.  Should your giftee go to return it, they’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise when the person finds out the product hasn’t been in stock for the past two years. 

Now you can get rid of those bad Christmas gifts and still have peace of mind!


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