Star Morning Show Countdown To Christmas

starchristmas Star Morning Show Countdown To Christmas

Every day we take turns blogging about what the holiday’s mean to us.
It is interesting….because as I became an adult, I had some very cool Christmas Eve’s along the way.  I will work my way back in time between then and today between now and Christmas.

Ok….so I am sick of playing the Jewish card….but it is real…I am Jewish…but strangely I have really never seriously dated a Jewish girl.  My mom is none to happy about that!
My first real Christmas Eve experience was when I was in high school. My friend Kara (who was Catholic) invited me over to her house for Christmas Eve.
I thought it was the coolest thing EVER!
Kara’s family decorated their Christmas tree Christmas Eve. So they included me in the tradition. Then an amazing dinner….just such a good warm family feeling.
That is when everything turned “interesting” to me.
‘Cause then, it was time for Midnight Mass.
Now please do not get offended by anything that I say. I am 100% sure if you came to my synagogue for a service there would be things that you would see that would wierd you out.
So we walk in and everyone starts dipping their hands in water and putting it all over them??
Then right before we go to sit down, everyone drops to one knee??
(Please remember that I had NEVER been to a Catholic Church before)
Now we are sitting….and the Priest comes out wearing this bright robe and big hat.
He has a golden box that is emmitting smoke that he begins walking up the aisle shaking back and forth.  It was at this point I genuinely became nervous!  I thought he was going to use the gas to knock us all out??  I had no idea…and now here I was 17 years old and scared.
The warm memories of hanging Snoopy ornaments on a tree and an amazing dinner now long gone from my memory, all I could think of was how long I could hold my breath!!

Then the smell came…and I very quickly realized that I was not going to go unconscious and be drugged.  Whewwwwwww

Ok….so now they are praying….and this little bench gets kicked down by my feet. I had no idea what it was!   No clue….so I kicked it back up.   Which was a mistake since the older woman next to me went straight down on her knees….SOMEBODY COULD HAVE WARNED ME!!!

Now I hear the priest brings out a big golden cup….at this point I was so paranoid I would screw something up…that I was barely paying attention, until I heard the word….BLOOD!!
Now people are getting up all around me to go drink blood….I remember thinking…there is NO WAY I am going up there to drink blood….but how could I stay back in the seat….I would be outed!!!
Thank God Kara told me to stay back….another big…WHEWWWWW!!

I was so embarrassed that I did not have any idea what was going on, I was afraid to ask. I mean seriously….how do I ask these quesions??
So, when the guy in the cool hat came out and tried to drug us with smoke, what was he doing??
What is this whole thing about dropping to your knees at random times??
What language is that, that you guys keep praying in??
Alright….so you guys drink BLOOD????
Just as I was thinking all of this it happened…..everyone around me is now trying to shake my hand!  So, I know how to shake hands….I can do that….but they were all mumbling something as they shook.
In the meantime….I was proud I knew how to shake hands……I started with…”Nice to meet you”, “Hope your having a good holiday”, you get the idea. But all of these people kept looking at me like I was an alien!
Wait a second…..I’m trying to be nice….and they are being mean…….at this point I was done…..
I spent the rest of midnight mass going back to a happy place with a fireplace, Christmas Tree, ornaments, warm dinner and a close family.

Well, that was my first Christmas Eve….next time….I will tell you about how I played Santa Claus every Christmas Eve and knocked over a Christmas Tree in a very innapropriate way!

Merry Christmas!


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