Top Ten Remixes Of The Year

TJ the DJ

Star 100.7’s TJ the DJ mixing it up with Diesel’s V.I.P. Hostesses Haley and Katy at Saturday’s Star Party-To-Go on the South Side.

As we get ready to close out 2010 let us look back on the top 10 remixes of the top 10 records of the year you heard both Friday and Saturday nights during, ‘The Party To Go’ on STAR 100.7! We count them according to your feedback from emails, Facebook, your texts and tweets! Just to make things.. a little different.. we threw out the records from 2009 (Ke$ha’s – Tik Tok was technically the radio top 40 song of the year but according to one of our listeners feedback… that song was Sooooooooooo 2009!) and focus on only the stuff first heard during good ol 2010! Enjoy the list!

#10 Airplanes featuring Haley Williams – B.O.B. (Megaman & Panic City Remixes)

We kick off our top 10 with a HUGE hit from 2010! Airplanes crossed over all formats of radio all across the land and broke some records along the way! This record actually ranks the HIGHEST at #4 on our radio airplay charts but you the fans voted another way! It’s cool? We like to be different and hey, we are Pittsburgher’s we know what we like! Megaman and Panic City did a great job making this track up-tempo and accessible to a mix show like ‘The Party To Go!’

#9 Billionaire – Travie McCoy / Bruno Mars (Full Tilt Remix)

We continue the countdown with the track we were singing along too during the oh so hot month of July! This infectious track has found its place as an instant classic!

#8 Teenage Dream – Katy Perry (Kaskade Club Mix and Liam Keegam Mix)

Mrs. Brand had a busy 2010 keeping the airwaves popping’ and the dance floors around the world moving’ to hit after incredible hit! Katy Perry was one part of the trifecta (alongside Ke$ha and Lady Gaga) who found themselves on lists like this one on multiple occasions.

#7 Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars (Skrillex Batboi Remix)

For every Katy Perry hit on the radio this year there seemed to be a spicy track by Pittsburgh influenced Bruno Mars to go with it. Being named after the most famous Pittsburgh wrestler and Mars, Pennsylvania will help you get on this Pittsburgh guys top 10 list any day! Bruno Mars had so many career highs (and one awkward low) that he was a week in and week out regular on ‘The Party To Go’ throughout 2010

#6 Usher Featuring Pitbull – DJ Got Us Falling In Love (Jumpsmokers Remix)

Usher needing any boost to propel a hit record is like trying to find another option to put on a Bentley but telling the masses the DJ found you love tonight got me fired up the first time I heard this record! Usher Raymond had multiple hits as well during his 2010 run (but we will get to that next!) The guys from the Jumpsmokers (Roman, V-Skratch, Reydon and Johnny Digital) absolutely KILLED this remix which in this DJ’s humble opinion ranks as one of the top mixes of the year!

#5 Usher – OMG featuring (Almighty Remix)

Well look who we have here and back-2-back no less (just like we mix it during ‘The Party To Go’!) Usher’s initial hit of 2010 was peeking just as we were getting ready for a Memorial Day weekend here in the burg!

#4 Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Remix and Lunyp Remix)

I had the pleasure of meeting this talented fella (along with Travie McCoy) at this summer’s Promo Only Summer Sessions Expo in Atlantic City right when this record was at its PEEK! Mr. Posner has had a hell of a year and with his current single on the rise I would bet to see him on this chart again in 2011!

#3 Enrique Iglesias – I Like It featuring Pitbull (DJ Chuckie Remix)

Besides giving some much-needed props to Pitbull for all his co-pilot roles on my top 10 list I only have two more words for you in regards to this track, this mix and the year 2010…. FIST PUMP!

#2 California Gurls – Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg (Manhattan Clique Extended Mix)

Who owns the rights to the song of the summer? Katy Perry does of course! You didn’t have to be from California (or a ‘gurl’ for that matter) to realize how big this record was going to be. The song literally exploded overnight as the anticipation built on Katy’s follow-up record.

#1 Taio Cruz – Dynamite (DJ Danny Diggz & DJ 2nd Nature Dutch Hybrid Mix and Nickey Romero Remix)

You know your songs a smash when you hear it blaring out of every NFL stadium across the country let alone Heinz field on a weekly basis. Taio Cruz was on a role with his previous hit (Break Your Heart) which actually landed him the #5 spot on this years Top 40 charts but we don’t DO 2009 songs on this list! This song is certified GOLD for getting everyone and anyone on the dance floor and singing in your car stuck in traffic on the Parkway West! Congrats Taio, you are #1! Here is your trophy.. nice.. shiny!


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