santa reading385240 Last Minute Christmas Gifts

If you’re one of those people who waits until the last minute to go Christmas shopping, best of luck to you.  Today, I’ll tell you how I come up with Christmas gifts for my family.

Well, I have my mom, dad and sister to buy for, so it becomes an issue getting them gifts every year.

My mother is extremely easy to buy gifts for because she LOVES the Pittsburgh Steelers.  If you get her something that relates to the Steelers in any way, she’s a happy camper.  Over the past year, believe it or not, I’ve turned her into a Pirates fan as well.  So, Steelers & Pirates for my mom.  You can find any of those things pretty much anywhere in the city.

My sister on the other hand is extremely difficult.  She works all the time, doesn’t go out a whole lot or have a lot of time to do fun things, so her interests are hard to figure out.  Keep in mind, she is 25 years old.  One year, I got her a penguin candy dispenser that pooped candy.  That was her favorite gift.  So, I mean, come on, how can you top a pooping penguin? She has also always been a cow lover, so anything that has cows on it is an easy win.

My dad, also not easy.  I got him a gag gift one year that was a golf ball and a tee inside a snowglobe.  The object was to try to get the ball on the tee.  Turned out not to be an easy feat, but the fact that it kept him busy for hours was a win.  If I can’t find anything for him, I will usually rely on the fallback of Lottery tickets.  He LOVES lottery tickets.  So, I get a ton of scratch-offs and he’s happy.

What are you getting your family members this year?


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