bryan greenberg 385 We Dont Have Forever   Actor And Musician Bryan Greenberg Performs Songs Off His New Album[pullquote quote=”I’m not doing this to achieve a career goal. I do it because I love it.” credit=”Bryan Greenberg”]
Everybody at Street Date is rooting for [lastfm]Bryan Greenberg[/lastfm] to “make it.” As an actor he has watched his star rise, from early appearances on The Sopranos and Law & Order, through recurring roles on One Tree Hill and Unscripted , all the way up to his current starring role on HBO’s critically-acclaimed series How To Make It In America. So Bryan Greenberg the actor has already made it. Now it’s time for Bryan Greenberg the singer to claim his place in the music world. His new album We Don’t Have Forever should do just that.
[lastfm]Bryan Greenberg[/lastfm] paid a visit to the Street Date studios recently, on the eve of his album release. He performed two excellent new songs from We Don’t Have Forever, titled “Walk Away” and “Something In The Way“. Here’s the first of those two songs – click play below to enjoy “Walk Away.”

“Walk Away”

Of this next song, “Something In The Way,” Greenberg says it’s about falling in love, and the progression of a relationship. Sometimes love doesn’t last, relationships wither instead of blossom, and this song examines that feeling.

“Something In The Way”

Greenberg is one of the most down-to-earth artists ever to grace the Street Date studios. In our interview, we discussed his motivations for making music even as his acting career is taking off. “I’m not trying to be a rock star,” he says. Rather, music is a personal passion that helps balance his life amid the demands of a hectic acting career.

Interview part I

There’s one song that [lastfm]Bryan Greenberg[/lastfm] didn’t perform during his visit – the excellent track “You Can Run,” which features his How To Make It In America co-star and friend [lastfm]Kid Cudi[/lastfm]. Just like on their TV show, Cudi ads fun and a certain intangible spark to the track. They pair performed “You Can Run” together live on stage in New York City. Listen in as Greenberg talks about his co-star, and gives other clues to how the album came together.

Interview part II

bryan greenberg cover 385 We Dont Have Forever   Actor And Musician Bryan Greenberg Performs Songs Off His New Album
If you like what you hear, check out [lastfm]Bryan Greenberg[/lastfm]’s brand new album We Don’t Have Forever available now at iTunes.


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