justin1 Texting Can Get Everyone In Trouble

By: Kevin Winter Getty

[lastfm link_type=””]Justin Timberlake [/lastfm]may be cheating on girlfriend Jessica Biel by texting another woman?  Who?  Plus, did you see the girl that texted and fell into a fountain?

Justin has been with Jessica Biel for a bit over 4 years and rumors have been flying that their relationship has been up and down for awhile now.  A few months ago he was accused of flirting with actress Olivia Munn at a party for the film he was in Social Network.  Now, Olivia is keeping his texts that he sends her and is showing her friends.  One a few weeks ago allegedly read “My relationship is basically over.”  Hmmm?  Justin’s reps aren’t confirming anything. 

This is absolutely hilarious yet sad.  This video has been on the news here locally about what happened at this mall (not here) with a girl texting and not paying attention and falling into a mall fountain.  Thankfully, she wasn’t driving.  I hear now she is even possibly wanting to SUE for invasion of privacy?  What?


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