The Bachelor Sends Three More Women Home

brad womack2 The Bachelor Sends Three More Women Home

It was a night filled with tears…Everyone crying over Bachelor Brad!!  And there were some interesting moments during last night’s episode!

I get that women are emotional but last night was ridiculous!  Everyone was sobbing over the fact that Brad is interested in a number of different women.  Well let’s see.  You signed up for a show where one man dates 15 to 20 different women to find out if there’s one he’s really interested in…Hmmmmm.  What did you expect???  Anyway, somehow psycho Michelle wakes up with a black eye…(I know.  I’m wondering the same thing):

But the girls in the house aren’t buyin’ what she’s sellin’:

Oh, Michelle did get a one on one date with Brad (and so did Chantel O.) and they had to face their fears.  Chantel went on a deep sea diving expedition and travelled to the bottom of the ocean floor.  She was scared to death but did it.  Finally it was time for Michelle’s turn with Brad.  And she couldn’t wait to get out of the drama filled house:

Michelle’s date was a helicopter ride to the top of a VERY tall and she had to repel down the side of it to a pool below where their date was to take place…She was TERRIFIED!  But in the name of love (with a guy she’s known for three weeks) she did it..and lived to tell about it. 

More crying at the rose ceremony.  More jealousy…Then Brad eliminates three women including Meghan:

Stacey was also left standing without a rose:

And Lindsay didn’t get a rose either:

More drama next Monday night!

If you missed all the Hollywood Dirt this morning, click here:


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