snookie is a mess Snookie And J Wowws Reality Show

Snookie is about to face some pretty big challenges…Yeah, even more than she already faces trying to form a thought, stand upright, etc. says it’s obtained the storyline for the new reality show featuring Snookie and J-Woww.  Snookie is finally moving out of her parents’ house and into a place with J-Woww, but she’s totally unprepared to deal with actual real life problems (and this is a surprise why?).  Here’s a little tease:  The two have their sights set on a $1.5 million place to live but they don’t even know what a mortgage is or even how to write a check!!!  And they keep getting distracted by the “hot” mortgage broker. 

Well, there you go…..”Nuf said..

(Photo by Seaside Heights Police Dept Via Getty Images)

  1. Jerseygirl says:

    This makes no sense for a storyline as JWow already owns her “own” home. Last year before she hooked up with Rodger, she ended her relationship with her other boyfriend. She left Seaside w/Snookie for a day to go to her house in NJ to check on it. They found furniture (her bed), was taken out & they were looking for a disc of naked photographs that JWow had of herself. So, obviously she knows how to write a monthly mtg. check & understands the mtg qualifications & guidelines. Also, they have lawyers & accountants so, they would know how much they could afford to spend. Why buy where they’re filming? It’s definately rented space, as they are only shooting a few episodes until the rating come in. Who would buy a condo for 1.5 million? Oh, yeah we’re talking about two knuckleheads who are surely making alot of money for being ignorant & stupid to the worlk! Damn I shouldn’t be so smart I could be rich too! lol

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