Last year’s shortlist for the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards featured an array of Pop’s biggest stars going toe-to-toe. This year it seems as if the odds are stacked so far in Lady Gaga‘s favor that the competition may as well give up. Trends takes a look at whether listeners agree.

The nominations for the award last year featured a string of strong tracks, with “Hot N Cold,” “Sober,” and “Halo” the three biggest contenders.

At the end of the day “Halo” took the prize for Beyoncé, despite Katy Perry‘s track being far and away the most popular among listeners.

best female pop vocal peformance 2009 001 Trends: Divas Line Up For Grammy Shot

But what’s clear is that all of the tracks were loved by hundreds of thousands of listeners. The same can’t be said of this year’s collection.

best female pop vocal performance 2011 001 Trends: Divas Line Up For Grammy Shot

It’s not just that “Bad Romance” streaks ahead of the competition; it’s that the competition has barely warmed up. Katy Perry can be excused; her record only dropped at the tail end of 2010. But the live version of “Halo” has pulled in only 947 listeners on, and Norah Jones and Sara Bareilles only just pull in tens of thousands of listeners.

Gaga’s lead is long, and is likely to cast a big shadow throughout the Grammy categories she’s up for this year.

Find out if we’re wrong on February 13th, when CBS airs the Grammy Awards, and take a look at who else we’re tipping for the top spot during all our Grammy coverage on Trends.

grammy button3 Trends: Divas Line Up For Grammy Shot


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