christina1 Christina Aguilera Big Or Not?

For the past two days Bubba and Shelley have been arguing about Christina Aguilera.  Not about her completely blowing the Star Spangled Banner, but about her size.  Shelley thinks that Christina has gotten “bigger and bloated”. Bubba does not see it?  Maybe a pound or two, but nothing like the craziness that people are talking about on Facebook and Twitter.
So…what do you think?

christina2 Christina Aguilera Big Or Not?

Comments (5)
  1. Kate B says:

    Christina has definitely gained weight since news of her divorce broke in the fall. It was especially apparent when she performed on DWTS to promote her movie. However, I do not think the weight is a bad thing. Christina has a womanly shape now instead of just a skin & bones appearance.

  2. Dena says:

    It’s offensive to call her fat. That must mean that women like me who are fat are viewed as enormous. Our perception of size in America and around most of the rest of the world is really twisted.

  3. spunkymunky says:

    I just voted 30 times

  4. trickdaddy says:

    Is that John D’ Amico to the left of her in the top picture?

  5. Tina says:

    Christina Aguilera is SO BEAUTIFUL and SO TALENTED, I mean, look at her face, who cares about her weight. She was great in “Burlesque!” I also saw her in concert, she sings AMAZING live!

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