brad womack The Bachelor Still Wont Get Rid Of Michelle

This season’s psycho, Michelle, is talking trash on all of the women and is even telling Bachelor Brad who he should eliminate (of course SHE is not on the list!) but she managed to somehow survive another rose ceremony…barely.

Chantal gets the first one on one date with Brad in Costa Rica. Of course, Michelle is not happy about this:

 Brad admits the last time he was with Chantal, she scared him a little because she was so emotional and dramatic.  She convinces him she was just having a bad day..He ends up giving her a rose.   But she came home in Brad’s shirt, so of course Michelle had to say, “Brad is not Chantal’s man, he’s mine..”  And later in the show, she HAS to tell him why Chantal isn’t right for him:

Ally goes on the next one on one date, but in the end, Brad just thinks of her as a “friend”…That’s always brutal to hear:

Then it’s time for the rose ceremony.  Brad tells Michelle, she’s scaring him:

And since Chantal already had a rose, she decides to drop this bombshell:

In the end, it came down to Jackie and Michelle and for reasons beyond my comprehension, he decided to keep Michelle.  Even though she lied and said she NEVER talks about the other women to Brad.  Hmmmmm.. She literally listed all of the other women and told Brad who would/should be eliminated and even told him why a few of the girls just aren’t right for him.  What a…..well, I can’t say it here..But I think you all know what I’m thinking…Arrggghhh…

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