cory monteith Glee  Back To Its Regular Time Slot

And another great episode!

Finn decides he wants to give to a charity and decides to set up a kissing booth to raise the money:

Finn also wants to get Quinn back from Sam…By the end of the show, his plan works..But thanks to Santana who wanted to set up Quinn and Finn, the kiss came with a price:

Santana actually went to a hospital, found a kid with mono, kissed him then came back to Finn’s kissing booth and puckered up….She’s just plain evil…

Blaine loves Valentine’s Day and Kurt is cynical…He asks Kurt if it’s too much to sing to someone on Valentine’s Day.  Kurt thought it was him…It wasn’t:

Kurt ends up hosting a lonely hearts club meeting at Breadsticks.  He’s there with his acapella group and they sing “Silly Love Songs.”  All the friends from school were there, singles and couples both. 

If you missed the rest of the Hollywood Dirt this morning, click here:

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)


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