bep BEP On The Replay Lunch Today

By: Christopher Polk Getty

Grammy winners [lastfm link_type=””]The Black Eyed Peas [/lastfm]rocked the Superbowl halftime show last Sunday.  Is Fergie pregnant?  What is her new shoe website called? What did Fergie say about [lastfm link_type=””]Christina Aguilera[/lastfm]?  You can hear BEP on the Replay Lunch today 12-1pm on STAR 100.7.  Older BEP though..

Well, I wasn’t lucky enough to be at the Superbowl this year, but my hubby went and brought me home a cool BEP t-shirt.  Their new CD “The Beginning” isn’t doing as well as they would have hoped, but the group is hoping the Superbowl performance will boost CD sales.  Halftime performers never get paid a fee to perform.  It is all exposure.

Rumors that Fergie is pregnant were swirling after the performance due to the fact that she wasn’t dancing as much as she usually does.  But, did you see those boot high heels she was wearing.  Too high to dance!!  Ha!

Speaking of boots and shoes, take a look at Fergie’s shoe line here.

Fergie also defended National Anthem performer Christina Aguilera.  She said “we are all human and make mistakes and sometimes you get so nervous performing in front of thousands of people.”

Hear they today on the Replay Lunch 12-1pm weekdays at STAR 100.7 along with some Fugees, Collective Soul, Salt-N-Pepa and Billy Idol!


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