Lady Gaga Talks About How She Jedi Mind-Tricked Her Body

lady gaga 2 Lady Gaga Talks About How She Jedi Mind Tricked Her Body


Lady Gaga recently told Vogue magazine that she had food poisoning at a recent concert and threw up several times before the show.  But when she got on stage, she said she just “jedi mind-tricked” her body into not getting sick on stage, although she did during costume changes!  She said she was also thinking that the audience was going to think she was drunk and she didn’t want them to “think she was human, let alone drunk.”  Sh didn’t want everyone thinking she had something as “ordinary” as food poisoning. 

Gotta love Gaga!! (I know I say that all the time, but she truly is one of the most unique people on the face of the earth!!!).

Hear a clip of her new song, Born This Way, here:


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