OK….so who is Arcade Fire?  They won the big award last night when they won the Album of the Year.  All over Social Medias people were basically saying the same thing.  Who is Arcade Fire? I was saying…(bubba here)….what was with the all the strobe likes? I felt like I was going to have a seizure.
So…for you….I did some investigation.

arcadia21 Who Are These People And What Were They Doing Winning At The Grammys?

Ok…so you wanna know who Arcade Fire is?  Well here is what I have found!

– They are a band out of Montreal.
– They are a husband and wife led band (Win Butler and Regine Cassagne)
– They have been together since 2003.
– They won the Meteors 2008 Album of the year award?
– In 2005 they appeared on David Letterman and performed in Central Park.
– Their song “Wake Up” was the song that was played before U2 hit the stage for every show on the Vertigo Tour.
– The performed “Intervention” on SNL February 24th, 2007.
– July 2010 they showed their entire concert from Madison Square Garden on You Tube.
– They came back and did SNL a second time back in November.

So there you have it!  Almost everything you need to know about Arcade Fire!


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