The Bachelor Finally Sends The Right Woman Home

brad womack the bachelor2 The Bachelor Finally Sends The Right Woman Home

It’s getting down to the wire with the women on this season of the Bachelor but the woman I’ve dubbed “psycho” has finally been sent home!

My fav Emily got the first one on one date but she’s still really hesitant about letting Brad meet her young daughter.  But he reassures her she is NOT going home anytime soon and he wants to go home with her and meet her family.  Then Chantal has a one on one date with Brad that also goes very well.   But the date with Britt went completely flat and he had to tell her there was absolutely no romance between them:

Then the other three women go on a group date with Brad.  I was a photo shoot and two of the girls decided to go topless, which didn’t go as well as you might think!

And even though Michelle didn’t take off her top, she did get pretty aggressive with Brad and got on top of him and was kissing him, making the other two girls VERY uncomfortable:

And then FINALLY!!!!  Michelle was sent home!!

So, that leaves both Chantals, Ashley and Emily.  He travels to their hometowns next week and meets their famlies.

If you missed all the Hollywood Dirt this morning, click here:

(Audio courtesy of Launch Radio Networks)


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