Doctors Think They’ve Solved The Mystery Behind TV Reporter Serene Branson’s Behavior

serene branson headshot 0909251 Doctors Think Theyve Solved The Mystery Behind TV Reporter Serene Bransons Behavior

Doctors think they’ve finally figured out what happened to CBS TV reporter Serene Branson the night of the GRAMMYs.

Rememeber how everyone was talking about this earlier this week:

Well, there were a lot of theories flying about why she suddenly started speaking giberish.  Now, doctors believe they’ve solved the mystery.   Branson actually suffered from a “complex migraine”.  According to Dr. Neil Martin,  UCLA Medical Center’s chief of neurosurgery, says this severe headache form can mimic strokes, with symptoms including weakness, loss of vision and difficulty speaking but unlike strokes, the effects are not long term. 

Many believe this now gives them full permission to make fun of her…Do so at your own discretion.

If you missed all the Hollywood Dirt this morning, click here:


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  1. MDE3 says:

    I suffered similar events a few years ago…mine were effectively TIA’s. Multiple traditional tests however revealed no apparent cause.
    Through my own research I began to suspect possible mercury poisening, and underwent a heavy metal oral chelation therapy. Within four days of commencing this therapy, the events stopped….I had been experiencing as many as 10 a day during the worst of this crises.

    After the fact I sent some medication I had been taking to a lab for analyses…it was mercury contaminated. Not saying this is her problem with certainty….but maybe a possibilty.
    These events I experienced ranged from loss of speech, to almost complete loss of locomotor function, and occurred as many as 7 – 10 times in a given day over a period of 9 months. They began shortly after I switched medication suppliers.

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