brad womack the bachelor3 And Then The Bachelor Picked Three

It’s getting down to the wire on the Bachelor and Brad is down to the final three women…

Brad went to visit the hometowns of the four women left.  First it was off to Seattle Washington.  Chantal is always emotional and he even admitted that the woman he chooses can’t be on an emotional rollarcoaster.  She lives in a great house and her parents live in a mansion not far away.  Mom looks young, but also like she’s had a lot of work done…Whatever happened to aging gracefully!!!  Anyway, Chantal’s dad gav his blessing to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage…

Ashley lives in Maine.  She  says she still feels disconnected from Brad and he says he doesn’t like that.  She speaks French too.  They go meet her parents and the family thinks Brad’s body language is a little formal.

Shawntel is next and they go home to Chico, CA.  Her family owns a funeral home and cemetery which is where she meets him.  She tells him, “Death has been a big part of my life since I was a little girl and I think that’s healthy.”  Brad is a little creeped out..No lie…

Then the final visit was to see Emily in North Carolina.  And this was a big meeting because there’d been so much discussion about Emily allowing Brad to meet her daughter, Ricki.  Things eventually went well and Ricki warmed up to Brad.  Emily puts her to bed and can’t wait to kiss Brad.  Then he went all dorky on her:

Eventually, Emily made Brad kiss her before he left…

In the end, the embalmer was a little too much for Brad to take and Shawntel was sent home:

Next week, Chantal, Emily and Ashley travel to South Africa with Brad and it’s the sleepover episode!!!

If you missed all the Hollywood Dirt this morning, click here:

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(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)


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