charlie sheen with hat5 Charlie Sheen Continues To Talk To The Media

Charlie Sheen seems to have Michael Lohan disease. 

Charlie continues to talk to the media,  the latest outlet being ABC, where he’ll appear on a special edition of 20/20 tomorrow.  The taped sit down marked his first television interview since CBS and Warner Bros. stopped production of Two and a Half Men for the rest of the season.   He was on the Today Show today and parts of his 20/20 interview was on Good Morning America this morning, and will be airing again tomorrow. 

He also did an interview with Pat O’Brien, of all people…..O’Brien asked Sheen if he’s clean and sober:

And he said he got sober pretty quickly:

Meanwhile, Sheen says he’s shopping a memoir in which he plans to expose details about life on the Two and a Half Men set and explain the events that led to his recent outbursts.  He told that he’s expecting $10 million for the publishing rights and he wants to call it, “When the Laughter Stopped.”  But he also told last week that he was close to securing a deal with HBO for an “epic” new show, but the network said there is no truth to the story…

Charlie could be a little delusional at this point but you be the judge!

(Audio courtesy of Delicious Audio)


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