How To Vote For Hines Ward On Dancing With The Stars

dwtsjudges How To Vote For Hines Ward On Dancing With The Stars

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So, when the time comes and you want to support #86 all the way to the finals. YOU MUST VOTE!  Sadly wishing is not enough.  If it were that easy David Hasselhoff would have won already.  So…never voted before??

First of all… the show and chat with us here at

Then once the show gets running…you can vote!

The first way to vote would be with your phone.  Hines will get a specific number just for him.  If you want….just call that number over and over again until your finger is numb.  This number usually stays open until about 30 minutes after the show is over.

If you really want to number your fingers you can text.  They will give you a text number that you can keep texting over and over again until well….your hands fall off or your bill gets too high!  This way of voting also remains an option until about 30 minutes after the show ends.

Finally….it is 2011 you know. ONLINE VOTING!  You can go to their website and just vote til your heart is content.  Stay up all night and vote. Call off work and vote because you can vote online until 11am the next day.

So there you have it.  #86 can’t win….if you don’t VOTE!


One Comment

  1. Gloria says:

    I am having MUCH DIFFICULTY trying to vote online. I cannot find the right web site. Last year it was easy to vote online.
    Please email the site for voting.

  2. Liz says:

    You cannot go to their website and vote till your hearts content. They give you a specified amount, unless you create more thane one account.

  3. Margaret Krymski says:

    I have been clicking on link after link, So where do I Vote!!?

  4. Laura says:

    Go to; find dancing with the stars and vote.
    Must have a log-in to vote

  5. GRACE ANCELL says:

    I am trying to vote for Hines Ward but I cannot find the right website.

  6. SHIRLEY says:

    i am having a hard time voting on line…i dont know if i am doing something wrong…i am not good at this on line stuff…but i want to vote for hines and kym what am i doing wrong?

  7. Kathy says:

    you can vote by phone also, he always has the same number, and you do NOT have to wait ubtil he dances, they only let you vote for a half hour after so the lines get busy, I start dialing at the beginning of the show I usually get 5 different phones done and online also!!!

  8. valerie riha says:

    i vote for hines and kim

  9. sharon says:

    vote would not go through. Message was it was not available in my area. I am verison in Phoenix

  10. Mardy says:

    I missed his number, what is it? Thanks

  11. evelyn cavalier says:

    he is the best….

  12. evelyn cavalier says:

    he has show the great stuff he is made of…….

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